Lot Clearing

We provide lot clearing for residential homeowners as well as commercial business owners. Arbor Art Tree and Landscaping has the ability  to grade your entire lot. We can also trim and Remove Trees and shrubs for fire protection.

Contact us at 928-442-2390 to schedule a time and date for your lot clearing services. We can arrange ahead of time for all the safety equipment and permits if necessary.

Our lot clearing services also includes Landscape Maintenance, drainage control and erosion control. After we clear your building or home lot, Arbor Art can design and install Hardscape like walkways and patios. We can build retaining walls, and install landscape lighting. Our workers can install new pipes for irrigation and sprinklers. For site restoration, only the necessary plants and plant trees can be removed for future planning in mind.

Wood chipping services are available when it it appropriate to keep wood chips on site. This could be a practical way to recycle tree branches that have been cut or need to be cleared.


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